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W-Agora 4.x    21
  1. W-Agora Multiple File Inclusion Vulnerabilities (588hits)
  2. W-Agora Multiple Parameter Handling Remote PHP File Inclusion Vulnerabilities (376hits)
  3. W-Agora Multiple File Inclusion Vulnerabilities (569hits)
  4. Vuln: W-Agora Inc_Dir Multiple Remote File Include Vulnerabilities (392hits)
  5. Bugtraq: W-Agora 4.20 XSS (393hits)
  6. W-Agora Remote File Upload and Directory Traversal Vulnerabilities (371hits)
  7. W-Agora Local File Inclusion and File Upload Vulnerabilities (430hits)
  8. W-Agora "Site" Parameter Remote Directory Traversal Vulnerability (394hits)
  9. W-Agora Input Validation Flaw in 'site' Parameter Discloses Files to Remote Users (427hits)
  10. w-Agora "site" Local File Inclusion Vulnerability (473hits)
  11. Bugtraq: w-agora 4.2.0 and prior Remote Directory Travel Vulnerability (412hits)
  12. w-Agora auth.php XSS (488hits)
  13. w-Agora list.php XSS (466hits)
  14. w-Agora quicklist.php SQL Injection (528hits)
  15. w-Agora login.php loginuser Variable XSS (384hits)
  16. W-Agora download_thread.php thread Variable XSS (986hits)
  17. w-Agora redir_url.php key Parameter SQL Injection (424hits)
  18. w-Agora subscribe_thread.php HTTP Response Splitting (366hits)
  19. Vulns: W-Agora Multiple Remote Input Validation Vulnerabilities (410hits)
  20. W-Agora Input Validation Holes in 'redir_url' and Other Scripts Permit SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting, and Response Splitting Attacks (674hits)
  21. W-Agora Forum Multiple Vulnerabilities (363hits)

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