Database of Security Vulnerabilities The database currently holds links to vulnerabilites for 1533 known applications, is updated every 6 hours, and soon cross-referenced by threat family, risk factor, solution type, and links to external sources (like Tutorials, CVE tickets, Securityfocus archive, Secunia product charts, k-OtiK bulletins, Bugtraq Archive, and OSVDB Database).
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Gallery 1.x    50
  1. Gallery Unspecified JavaScript Injection (626hits)
  2. Gallery Unspecified Parameter Handling Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities (533hits)
  3. Gallery Unspecified Script Insertion Vulnerabilities (790hits)
  4. Gallery "stepOrder" Variable Local File Inclusion and Code Injection Issues (655hits)
  5. Gallery "stepOrder[]" Local File Inclusion Vulnerability (604hits)
  6. Gallery GallerySession.class 'sessionId' Variable File Deletion (1101hits)
  7. Gallery GalleryUtilities.class 'X_FORWARDED_FOR' HTTP Header Field XSS (617hits)
  8. Gallery Input Validation Holes Let Remote Users Delete Files and Conduct Cross-Site Scripting Attacks (546hits)
  9. Gallery Cross Site Scripting and Arbitrary File Manipulation Vulnerabilities (632hits)
  10. Bugtraq: Gallery 2 Multiple Vulnerabilities (549hits)
  11. Bugtraq: Gregarius 0.5.2 XSS and SQL Injection Vulnerabilities (505hits)
  12. Gallery Script Insertion and Session Handling Vulnerabilities (666hits)
  13. Gallery 'util.php' Include File Bug Lets Remote Users Execute Code Stored on the Local System (502hits)
  14. Gallery Crafted File Path Manipulation Arbitrary Code Execution (640hits)
  15. Gallery zipdownload Malformed Zip Agressive File Deletion DoS (661hits)
  16. Gallery Unspecified Album Data Manipulation Vulnerability (829hits)
  17. Gallery User Fullname Handling Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (533hits)
  18. Gallery Fullname Script Insertion Vulnerability (592hits)
  19. Vuln: Gallery Multiple Input Validation Vulnerabilities (510hits)
  20. Gallery Directory Traversal and Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities (616hits)
  21. Gallery Unspecified Vulnerability (626hits)
  22. Gallery 'showGallery.php' Input Validation Hole in 'galid' Parameter Lets Remote Users Inject SQL Commands (601hits)
  23. Gallery "galid" Parameter Handling Remote SQL Injection Vulnerability (496hits)
  24. Gallery "g2_itemId" Parameter Directory Traversal Vulnerability (424hits)
  25. Gallery "g2_itemId" Disclosure of Sensitive Information (555hits)
  26. Gallery Input Validation Bug in Processing Internal Cache Files Lets Remote Users Traverse the Directory (629hits)
  27. Gallery Input Validation Bug in Processing EXIF Meta Data Permits Cross-Site Scripting Attacks (419hits)
  28. Vuln: Gallery Script Injection Vulnerability (416hits)
  29. Gallery EXIF Data Cross Site Scripting and Script Insertion Vulnerability (336hits)
  30. Gallery EXIF Data Script Insertion Vulnerability (641hits)
  31. Gallery with PostNuke Security Restriction Bypass (484hits)
  32. Gallery PostNuke Integration Security Issue (348hits)
  33. BugTraq: UPDATE: [ GLSA 200501-45 ] Gallery: Cross-site scripting vulnerability (428hits)
  34. Vulns: Gallery Multiple Unspecified Input Validation Vulnerabilities (377hits)
  35. Vulns: Gallery Multiple Remote Vulnerabilities (552hits)
  36. Gallery v1.3.4-pl1 / v1.4.4-pl2 Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability (363hits)
  37. Gallery "username" Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability (495hits)
  38. Vulns: Gallery Unspecified Remote HTML Injection Vulnerability (479hits)
  39. BugTraq: [ GLSA 200411-10 ] Gallery: Cross-site scripting vulnerability (413hits)
  40. Gallery Unspecified Script Insertion Vulnerability (390hits)
  41. Gallery Input Validation Error in 'include' Variable Lets Remote Users Conduct Cross-Site Scripting Attacks (532hits)
  42. Gentoo update for Gallery (405hits)
  43. BugTraq: [ GLSA 200409-05 ] Gallery: Arbitrary command execution (417hits)
  44. Gallery save_photos.php Arbitrary Command Execution (586hits)
  45. Vulns: Gallery Remote Server-Side Script Execution Vulnerability (637hits)
  46. Vulns: Gallery Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (636hits)
  47. The Gallery init.php Authentication Bypass (624hits)
  48. Vulnerabilities: Gallery Remote Global Variable Injection Vulnerability (583hits)
  49. gallery code injection (3) (396hits)
  50. BugTraq: Remote exploit in Gallery 1.3.1, 1.3.2, 1.3.3, 1.4 and 1.4.1 (466hits)

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